"Stockholm views" by Helén Pe/ 

"The Royal Palace" by Helén Pe/

"Stockholm Central Railway Station" by Mats Anda/Moment Open/Getty Images

"Side view of thoughtful businessman holding digital tablet in train" by Maskot/Maskot/Getty Images

"Stockholm views" by Helén Pe/

"Old Town at night" by Jeppe Wikström/

"Sunrise in Bullerö" by Henrik Trygg/

"Small cottages in autumn i archipelago" by Anders Sellin/Moment/Getty Images

"Arms Raised Concert" by Jena Ardell/Moment/Getty Images

"Jazz band playing" by Westend61/Getty Images

"Stockholm night lights cityscape Sweden" by fotoVoyager/E+/Getty Images

"Stockholm iconic medieval square colourful houses Stortorget night panorama Sweden" by fotoVoyager/E+/Getty Images

"Ferry passing by the The Vasa Museum in Stockholm Sweden" by mikdam/iStock/Getty Images

"Vasa warship" by MicheleBoiero/iStock/Getty Images

"Täcka udden and Kvarnholmen" by Photography by David Thyberg/Moment/Getty Images

"Stockholm - Aerial View of Djurgården and Downtown in Autumn" by Maria Swärd/Moment/Getty Images

"Design shopping" by Tuukka Ervasti/

"Design shopping" by Tuukka Ervasti/ 

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