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In silent majesty, the Western Al Hajar mountain range rises from the pure waters of the Hormuz Straits, cradling the ‘Hidden Port’ of Muscat against a cyan sky. Here lies the still-undiscovered jewel of the Middle East. Those who visit Muscat favor its relaxed and convivial atmosphere. They find joy in discovering its many cultural attractions and sampling authentic local cuisine, as well as discovering its extensive opportunities for adventure and escapism. It’s a world apart from the gilded glamor that characterizes much of this rapidly evolving region.

Things to Do in Muscat

With a rich cultural history, breath-taking natural scenery and a lifestyle of effortless, casual luxury, it’s little wonder that Oman has become one of the most exclusive destinations in the Middle East. Here, strikingly beautiful landscapes blend with informal elegance, and quiet relaxation is invited through the warmest of welcomes.

Over centuries of vibrant sea trade, Muscat has evolved into a city of color and diversity. Interestingly, the city is actually an amalgamation of three smaller towns that have gradually grown together. They are Muscat, Matrah and Ruwi. Top of our list is a wander through the winding streets of the Muttrah Souk, where corridors lined with goods open onto epic mountain vistas of pink-mauve, coral and blue. You can also take a moment to reflect during a stroll through the grounds of the spectacular Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.

For those seeking a little more action, join us each year in the glorious February sunshine to witness the Tour of Oman, a professional road cycling race linked to the world-renowned Tour de France. Whatever you choose to do, you can look forward to discovering a destination unlike any other.

Tourist Attractions

Muscat boasts several attractions worth visiting. The famous Amouage visitor’s center and factory is a fascinating place to explore (you can sample their products in any room at the Radisson Collection Hotel, Hormuz Grand Muscat). The Bait Al Zubair displays what is considered the finest privately-owned collection of Omani artifacts. This heritage and cultural center also contains one of the largest permanent art and heritage collections in the country. Another key place to learn about the country’s rich history is Bait Al Baranda, located on the seafront. This museum features interactive exhibits ranging from geology to folk art.

Other Muscat attractions include the striking Mazara Dam – the perfect place for a picnic. There’s the city center itself too, and the Muscat Grand Mall. In contrast, you can also escape to the Qurum Natural Park – the largest park in Muscat. It’s a picturesque space, with a vast boating lake and fountain.

Hustle And Bustle At Must-See Muttrah Souk

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Our Pick of Oman’s Museums


Discovering the dolphins of Oman

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Mind-Expanding Landscapes

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Entertainment, Food and Drink

Take in a luminous performance at the Royal Opera House, where some of the most famous names in opera and ballet have performed. If you’d like to enjoy evening drinks, a range of licensed bars and English-style pubs can be found in most hotels. In fact, our own bar, The Vault, is a popular night spot.

During the day, you can watch the world go by from a coffee shop in the Muttrah Souk. Try a “kahwa” – a black, bitter coffee. It’s traditionally served with “halwa” – a mix of sugar, cornstarch and ghee flavored with saffron and rosewater. Sports fans can watch a soccer game at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex.

Fishing adventures in Oman

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Resplendent Architecture At Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

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Beauty Abounds At The Royal Opera House Muscat

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Waterside Rhythm

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