Mind-Expanding Landscapes

The natural landscape around Muscat offers truly dramatic scenery. Sharp contrasts of shapes, colors and textures make an excursion into the mountains or desert a mind-expanding experience not to be missed.

For those with an affinity for water, Bandar Jissah beach provides a perfect escape from the city. A short drive from Muscat, it is clustered in between craggy mountains that descend sharply towards the beautiful, crystal clear water. Further south, Tiwi beach boasts the deepest turquoise waters along its glistening white sands and natural rock pools.

The wadis (dry river beds) are also a must-see, exhibiting the striking combination of orange-ocher rocks and turquoise waters, with bursts of vivid green palm trees. Wadi Shab and Wadi Arbeieen are only and hour and a half from Muscat and afford the perfect day trip.

Further inland towards the south east of Oman, the Wahiba Desert presents a jaw-dropping spectacle of orange sands, which change tonality with the circadian play of light. Boasting an incredible diversity of terrain, flora and fauna, this desert offers yet another awe-inspiring and otherworldly experience of Oman’s natural beauty.
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