Hustle And Bustle At Must-See Muttrah Souk

The suburb of Muttrah has long played a role as a center of commerce and a meeting place for worldly merchants. Its vibrant souk retains much of this rich social and cultural heritage today.

The warren of alleys – lined with an abundance of shops and stalls – exudes a fascinating mix of colors and textures, with beautifully crafted artisan wares and tactile fabrics that truly dazzle the senses. The unmistakable scent of incense, perfume and spice fills the air – adding to the heady atmosphere.

Among our favorites are the intricately woven and patterned silk pashmina scarves; the delicately enameled trinket boxes in their hues of cobalt, viridian and ultramarine; plus traditional Omani and Indian jewelry – delicate and intricate, in silver and gold.

There is a skill to navigating the vast assortment of goods for sale, not to mention the souk’s labyrinthine form. Bargaining is commonplace, with the best advice being to follow the locals’ lead and not to accept the first, second or even third price offered. Have a little fun with it, even if the discounts mightn’t be deep.

Shopping complete, locals and tourists alike gather in the many small, authentic cafes for a refreshing ginger tea and a light lunch. Here, find respite in the shade and enjoy a picturesque view – the perfect setting to watch the world pass you by.
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