Waterside Rhythm

In striking contrast with other more ostentatious Middle Eastern capitals, Muscat has a gentle, laid-back rhythm, rooted in a rich heritage of life by the water.

Nestled on a crossroad of the sea-trading world, Muscat has been shaped by a multitude of influences. Yet, the city has evolved over centuries in such a way that it remains true to its own unique history and traditions.

At the far eastern end of the capital, clustered around a small bay, lies the Old Town – which encompasses the coastal suburb of Muttrah and the picturesque Muttrah Corniche. It’s a neighborhood that combines a tranquil feeling with bursts of vibrant activity.

The marriage of traditional and contemporary architecture, the colorful labyrinth of the Muttrah Souk, and the busy fish market along the Corniche combine to make the Old Town a perfect destination to immerse oneself in the city’s unique cultural and aesthetic atmosphere.
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