Qureshi Bab-Al-Hind

Qureshi Bab-Al-Hind

Qureshi Bab-Al-Hind specialises in Northern Indian cuisine, featuring the flavourful delights of Awadh region. Located in the lobby level with views of the courtyard and live kitchen. Indulge in traditional biryanis and kebabs, or a selection of Awadhi curries. Experience the true flavours of India.

Our Interiors

Set on the lobby level of the Radisson Collection Hotel, Hormuz Grand Muscat, the Qureshi Bab-Al-Hind welcomes guests into a rich, luxury environment. The expansive windows open to views of the courtyard, contrasting with the theatre of the live kitchen and our talented chefs.

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The Qureshi Bab-Al-Hind is available for dining from 7pm-11pm each evening, with the opportunity for lunch between 12pm-3pm Friday and Saturday. To arrange a reservation, please phone us on +968 2435 0500.


Indulge in the flavours of traditional cuisine in the Qureshi Bab-Al-Hind and experience the taste of Northern India. Specialising in kebabs and biryani of the region, as well as speciality dishes from the Awadh area of Northern India, cooked to perfection by our first class in-house chefs.
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Qureshi Bab-Al-Hind

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