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Discover Warsaw: The Heart Of Europe

Uncovering Warsaw: The Heart of Europe

If you are headed on a vacation to Warsaw, make sure you take time to visit some of the fantastic attractions in this often-overlooked city.

Why Warsaw?

Almost 2 million people make their home in Warsaw, Poland’s capital and location of some of Europe’s most important and tragic events in history. Visitors on a trip to Warsaw will find a mix of historic houses, reconstructed palaces, gothic architecture and Soviet design.

As the largest city in Poland, Warsaw enjoys excellent connections to the rest of Europe, which makes it an ideal destination for business travelers. The city has 3 large railway stations and a bus station which serve both domestic and international travellers. Just 10km from the city centre is Warsaw’s Chopin Airport, well served by flights from around the world.

Warsaw appeals to leisure travelers as the most visited city in Poland, with 8.3 million visitors in 2011 alone. With dozens of museums, cinemas, entertainment venues, parks and leisure activities, it makes a fantastic place to visit. Warsaw also has a busy annual calendar of unique events that attract visitors from around the world. These include the Earth Day Festival, the only dedicated Mozart Festival in Europe, one of Europe's oldest jazz festivals, and the prestigious Grand Warsaw horse race.

‘Must See’ Spots in Warsaw

Visitors to Warsaw should celebrate the city’s most famous son, Chopin, with a range of world class events. Chopin lived in Warsaw for the first half of his life and studied music in the city. Many of the palaces in Warsaw have a connection to the composer, but fans of his work will find the Fryderyk Chopin Museum particularly appealing. The Chopin Museum’s inventive exhibitions give visitors the chance to see the world’s leading collection of objects belonging to the great man. Chopin is further celebrated in Warsaw at the annual International Music Festival ‘Chopin and his Europe,’ in special summer concerts in Łazienki Park, and at other musical events.

The historic Warsaw Old Town is an important destination for anyone on a trip to Warsaw. The Clock Tower for the famous Royal Palace of Warsaw guides visitors into the Old Town. The 15th century Royal Palace was destroyed during WWII, and in the 1970s and 1980s was rebuilt from the original castle remains. Visitors can tour the Palace to see elegant state rooms and apartments, visit exhibitions in the Royal Library and Museum, and see beautiful paintings.

The picturesque Central Market Square in Warsaw is a fantastic place to spend a few hours on a trip to Warsaw. The gothic architecture of the buildings framing the square was rebuilt to match the original appearance, after destruction by the Nazi’s in WWII. Sightseers can purchase gifts at one of the shops in Warsaw Market Square and enjoy a tasty meal in one of the charming restaurants. The Square is home to a recreation of the monument of the Warsaw Mermaid, a legendary figure who was said to protect the city and its people. The original statue is in the Historical Museum of Warsaw, which can be entered from the Square and tells the history of Poland’s capital.

Visitors to Warsaw’s Old Town should also make sure to stop at the townhouse in which Marie Curie was born. The building now houses a museum dedicated to the Nobel Prize winning scientist. The Marie Curie Museum presents documents, personal items, tools and photos belonging to or about the discoverer of Radium. The Marie Curie Museum and many amazing Warsaw attractions are just minutes away from the stylish Radisson Collection Hotel, Warsaw.

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