Stay in the heart of Georgia’s wine country

The serenity surrounding the Radisson Collection Hotel, Tsinandali Estate Georgia will take your breath away and fill you with tranquility for a soothing stay.

Wake up and smell the vineyards as you take in the stunning views of the Caucasus Mountains approximately 100 km from Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi. Stroll through the historic 18-hectar park which also houses the Tsinandali Palace Museum of Prince Alexander Chavchavadze.
Wine connoisseurs and novices will appreciate the exceptional on-site wine tasting opportunities, offering an insider’s guide to Georgian wine production and an inspiring experience for all palates.

Nearby attractions

House Museum of the Prince Alexander Chavchavadze

Landscape garden

Historical winery and wine cellars

The Palace of King Erekle II in Telavi (9 km)

Nekresi (45 mins drive) - IV Century Ancient Temple

Alaverdi Monastery (25 mins drive) - The history of this monastery dates back to the 6th century. It is located on the foothills of the great Caucasus Mountains to the west of the Alazani river. Alaverdi had been the main place of worship for Kartli-Kakheti kings. Several years ago, archaeologists discovered the remains of an 8-10th century wine cellar, which was full of traditional Georgian clay vessels, kvevris, of different sizes.

Gremi (40 mins drive) - Visit this 16th century architectural monument, the royal citadel and the Church of the Archangels

Shuamta Ancient  Monastic Complex (23 mins drive)

Nadikvari (9 km) - A stunning park with excellent views of the city


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