A Belgrade Photo Guide

A Belgrade Photo Guide

Artistic, adventurous, proud and bold: Belgrade is a metropolis with many different faces and one of the most visited cities in Europe.

The streets of the Serbian capital are steeped in an exhilarating blend of history, culture and traditions. That's what makes it such a joy to photograph for professionals and would-be photographers alike. Explore our all-time favorite photo spots in Belgrade and you'll be reaching for your camera. But make sure you don't just explore the city through your camera lens, because a photograph can never quite replace the real thing.

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace was built between 1924 and 1929 by His Majesty King Alexander I, who financed the construction with his own funds. The palace is surrounded by pergolas, terraces in the park, pools and pavilions. It showcases spectacular views over Ridge Dedinje Hill, the Koshutnjak Forest, Topchider and Avala, Belgrade's mountain. Visitors can walk into the palace and take a journey back in time as they stroll through the rooms decorated in Baroque and Renaissance styles.

Street Art Gallery

Belgrade is gradually turning into a massive gallery of street art, with the list of outdoor murals growing on a daily basis. You come across these works of art almost anywhere in the city - in side streets and school yards, on buildings and bridges, or in the numerous passageways.

Tranzit Bar

Go into the heart of Belgrade and you'll find one of the city's best and most interesting bars - the Tranzit Bar. Something of an overnight sensation, this place has quickly made a name for itself as one of the favorite haunts of locals and visitors alike. The unique design, the vast array of beverages offered and the relaxed vibe all make the Tranzit Bar something between a lounge, restaurant, nightclub and, yes, a photography opportunity.

Save Promenade & Ada Ciganlija

Belgrade is not only where the waters of the Save and Danube meet but also where tradition meets modern street food. Explore the Save Promenade and the popular Ada Ciganlija, the "Sea of Belgrade,” where you will be tempted to try all kinds of delicacies. Take a little time to relax, indulge yourself, and don't forget to take some cool pics.

Kalemegdan Citadel

Up to 115 battles were fought over the imposing, impressive Kalemegdan fortress. Today, it represents the historic center of the city and is one of the top attractions in town. The former courtyards of the citadel are now the home of extensive parks and Belgrade Zoo.

Sveti Sava - St. Sava's Cathedral

St. Sava's Cathedral is situated on top of a hill and can be reached on foot from the city center. It is particularly impressive when you visit at night. The elevated location and its sheer size make the cathedral impossible to miss from virtually anywhere in the city. The cathedral is the largest church in Southeast Europe and one of the biggest Orthodox churches anywhere in the world.

Radisson Collection Old Mill Hotel, Belgrade

Welcome to Belgrade's first designer hotel with its remarkable "industrial chic" aesthetic. The Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade reflects the spirit of the 19th-century Old Mill: walls made of brick, wood and materials with natural finishes, combined with modern décor. A perfect photo opportunity for lovers of design & photography.

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