Belgrade steals the throne with its superior coffee

Belgrade steals the throne with its superior coffee

Coffee is important. There are some of us who can’t string together a sentence without a shot of espresso in the morning and those who feel the world is crumbling when they realize there aren’t enough scoops left to make one more.

If coffee is king for you and you are headed to Belgrade, then you are in for some serious luck. Serbians really love their coffee, meaning Belgrade has some of the best brews around. When visiting, check out these 3 top spots for a delicious cup of energy.

Why Belgrade is crazy about coffee

Serbians drink on average 1.5 cups of coffee a day, and this number is even higher once you take kids out of the equation! After you try the coffee, it will be easy to see why. Made in the traditional Turkish form, it is a whole new experience that is way beyond anything you could get from a machine.

A traditional cup of Turkish coffee

In order to make a serious cup of Turkish coffee you first need to throw away the filters, get the finest ground beans possible and then get it frothing. Most importantly, the water should never actually boil otherwise the froth will evaporate, and the froth is what makes a Türk kahvesi amazing. Want to try it at home? Turkish Coffee World has a great recipe.

Where to get a cup

While there are hundreds of cafes and restaurants selling delicious coffee in Belgrade, there are always going to be some better than others. We picked out three top spots you need to try for a roasted cup of energy:

Laboratorija Kafe

This place has excellent coffee and is a great place for some downtime. The whole set-up, using laboratory equipment instead of traditional items, follows the brand and really adds to the experience. But most importantly, the coffee at Laboratorija Kafe is 100% delectable.


Offering up freshly roasted beans, Pržionica is the place to go when you want the freshest of the fresh. While the coffee is hot, the style inside is cool with design and décor that will inevitably find its way onto your Instagram feed. They claim to have the world’s best espresso, so you should probably go and test it for yourself.

Panta Rei Restaurant and Bar

Another great place to get taste some of the best coffee in Belgrade is the Panta Rei Restaurant and Bar. Right on the river near Great War Island, this restaurant offers steaming hot coffee with an incredible view. Said to serve some of the finest coffee in Belgrade, this is surely a place to test out.

So when you are in Belgrade next, be sure to indulge a little in their excellent coffee. Duck into cool cafés as you walk through the streets and experience their caffeine culture. And when it is finally time to hit the pillow, head back to Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade and get the next best thing: a good night’s sleep! The hotel also has a stylish and unique OMB Larder + Lounge where you can sample a special Java blend.

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