Belgrade Fair

Belgrade Fair

Belgrade Fair offers the city a multi-functional business and event space.

It is the country’s largest conference facility and has been the reason that major international organisations have come to the Serbian capital on business. Many good business relationships have formed and continued long after a visit to Belgrade Fair. Events here cover many sectors including technology, economics, health, tourism and many more. Events vary from international trade fairs to product launches, conferences or smaller, more intimate meetings.

The company’s motto, ‘meeting point’, is reflected in the modernisation of the facility. As well as updating the halls, the creation of an outdoor events space has also been included. Belgrade Fair prides itself on being a competitor on a global scale, and one of the dominant players in Southeast Europe when it comes to conference and events management and organisation.

Extensive facilities 

The well-established complex is made up of three large domes and have become a renowned city landmark. Within the fair’s grounds delegates and organisers will find a post office, banks, exchange facilities, transport agencies, and even a customs office. All of these, are convenient services for international guests. There are also plenty of catering outlets including restaurants, take away food outlets, and several coffee shops.

Business accommodation 

Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade is located just 300 metres from Belgrade Fair, making it a convenient and ideal business hotel for any event you may either be attending or organising there. The hotel offers optimal meeting spaces for any additional business you may need to attend to, as well as breakout areas, a Brain Food programme, and free Wi-Fi Internet access.

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