Landmarks near Palazzo Montemartini Rome


Start visiting the Eternal City.

4 days in Rome? A week? No matter how many days you spend in Rome, the best itinerary you can think of starts right where you are.

Palazzo Montemartini Rome is close to some of Rome top attractions: so why don’t you hit the road and start exploring the area? Here’s a little list of what to see in Rome that’s within walking distance. 

Roman National Museum and the Baths of Diocletian: two top attractions in Rome

What really defines a modern city is the way its citizens celebrate the past and Romans know perfectly well how to carry tradition into modern times. The Baths of Diocletian were the largest thermal complex of Ancient Rome, big enough to accommodate 300 people, and later restored by Michelangelo. Just picture it – gorgeous baths where citizens of the Empire used to meet, relax and discuss politics and sports. Today the Baths are part of the Roman National Museum. Take a stroll in the garden and gaze at impressive works of art, statues, sarcophagi, and reliefs.

Famous churches in Rome: Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli

The Eternal City is home to stunning Catholic churches and basilicas, so why not explore them? The Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri is located near Piazza della Repubblica, which is very close to Palazzo Montemartini Rome. Like many other Catholic churches in Rome, you will be amazed and mystified by its breath-taking ceilings, frescoes, and adorned domes. What’s really remarkable though is the meridian clock on the floor: every day a ray of sunlight passes through a hole in the ceiling and lands on the meridian line at noon.

Strolling around Via Nazionale: just walk and see

Whether you’re into haute couture or simple souvenirs, local food or some good shopping in Rome, grab yourself a map and start walking down Via Nazionale: a winding route full of boutiques, bookshops and unique stores in Rome. Enjoy a more relaxed shopping experience away from hectic crowds without missing the opportunity to explore one of the best spots in Rome. If you’re quite a strider, walk all the way up to Piazza Venezia, a stunning square located in the heart of the city.

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