Discover where to eat in Rome

Discover where to eat in Rome

The finest food in the city: places to eat in Rome.

Whether you’re looking for restaurants near the Colosseum or the Pantheon, the quality of food is never in question. You are in one of the greatest food cities in the world and everywhere you sit, you’ll gaze at inspiring views or picturesque streets. Eating out will definitely be a highlight of this trip.

Roman specialities: the best food in Rome

Like anywhere, the best food is always local. The Eternal City’s cuisine has a strong back-to-basics approach: few ingredients, bundles of creativity.
Your first step into authentic Roman flavour must be the Carbonara: meaning pasta, a raw egg sauce with little pieces of pork jowl (known as guanciale), black pepper and pecorino. Enjoy the best version of it at the Ristorante Salumeria Roscioli, the ultimate deli restaurant in Rome.
Artichokes cooked “the-Roman-way”, Carciofi alla Romana, are the typical season appetizer. Spring or autumn, make sure you order these braised artichokes filled with herbs: locals love these tasty and satisfying starters. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the classic Roman street-food: the supplì, a fried rice-ball filled with ragout and mozzarella, a traditional Italian cheese. I Supplì is a takeaway hotspot in Trastevere, serving delicious supplì to rival some of the best restaurants in the city.

Dinner in Rome: a truly seductive atmosphere

There are countless fine dining restaurants in Rome. But if you’re planning a truly local experience, try a convivial trattoria. These small, lively, family-run restaurants are friendly, inviting places filled to the brim with locals. is a highly recommended historic trattoria in the heart of Rome. Located within a stone’s throw of the Pantheon, it’s one of the most appreciated trattorias in the city: so make sure to book in advance. Remember, if you really want to “do as the Romans do”, don’t show up for dinner before 8 pm. At least.

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