Discover how to get around Rome

Discover how to get around Rome

Getting around Rome: public transport option.

Getting around the Eternal City can be confusing for a first-timer. Rome is a huge city and you simply can’t walk everywhere you want to visit.

It’s very true that every corner of the city is going to surprise you. But it can take you quite some time to go from one tourist attraction to the next. Luckily, public transport will take you wherever you want to go: it’s everywhere and affordable. Having said that, anyone would be forgiven for thinking that it’s not always reliable.
So, take your time to evaluate all transport options, get yourself a Rome public transport map, and you won’t look like a newbie in town anymore.

Rome public transport: get ready to tour the city

There is only one public transport ticket and it’s valid on any bus, tram or subway train you jump on. Just remember to buy your ticket in advance at a newsstand, at a vending machine or in a tobacco shop (the shops with the big “T” sign) and don’t forget to validate it once you’re on the bus or on the tram.

Finding the right bus: it’s harder than you think

The bus system in Rome might mess with your head a little as it’s one of the most intricate in all of Europe: there are 350 bus lines and more than 8000 stops. If you’re planning to visit the most central top sites of Rome, buses are going to become your favourite form of transport. Trams don’t make it to the city centre and that’s the main reason why tourists rarely use them when they visit Rome. 

Metro system in Rome: it’s easier than you think

When it comes to the Rome subway, things are pretty easy. Think of a giant “X” crossing Rome diagonally where the point of intersection is Termini station and you have your Rome subway map. It’s not as extensive as other European metro systems but it will take you to many tourist attractions. There’s a train leaving the station every 5 minutes. The first train leaves at 5.30 in the morning from each end, the last train at 11.30 pm on weeknights or at 1.30 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

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