When In Rome: Six Top Tips

Six Top Tips To Love It Like a Local…

Mozzafiato... breathtaking may be the one word that sums up the elegant, racy romance of the Italian capital.

With its mix of iconic ruins, vibrant street life, captivating culture and cuisine, Rome remains one of the world’s most magnetising destinations. While mass tourists flock to blockbuster sights like St Peter’s, the Forum and the Colosseum, travellers in search of a more authentic Roman experience should head for…

Piazza della Repubblica: A Remarkable Roundabout  

Surrounded by grand, 19th-century colonnades, this prettiest of piazzas offers one of the city’s prime sites for stylish sunset pictures. The elegant Fontana delle Naiadi centrepiece caused a puritanical, pre-Dolce Vita storm, when its original lions were replaced by four, naked water nymphs in 1901.

Wander off along Via Nazionale to Via delle Quarttro and eat pizza with the locals at Fontane Berzitello Ristorante. Or head right down to the Forum and catch the summer light shows.

Baths of Diocletian: Hot and Cold Running Romans

Commissioned by the Emperor Diocletian in 298 AD, this atmospheric bath complex was the largest in ancient Rome. Built mainly by Christian slave labourers, the baths closed in 1537, when rampaging Goths cut off the aqueducts.  A reconstructed section of the baths reopened in 2008 as part of the National Museum of Rome. Look out for hidden gems - like the haunting, well-worn slave collar…

Truly One in Rome’s 900 Churches!

Venture behind Piazza della Repubblica to discover the unique story of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Pope Pius IV ordered Michelangelo to to build the Basilica inside the frigidarium of the old Roman Bath to honour the Christian slaves who died building the original complex. The simple looking, crumbling facade hides a true historic wonder… the unique Rome meridian line, commissioned by Pope Clement XI and executed by brilliant astronomer, mathematician and philosopher, Francesco Bianchini.

Mercato Centrale: Much More Than Just An ‘Eataly’

The buzzing Mercato Centrale in the stylish old Cappa Mazzoniana - designed as a theatre for local produce – showcases a ‘Who’s Who’ of the contemporary Roman food scene.

Gabriele Bonci - possibly Italy’s most famous baker, tempts with ‘pane a dolci,’ while perfect pizza comes from acclaimed young Pier Daniele Sue: grab one of the counter seats to watch the master pizza maker at work. And don’t miss Stefano Callegari’s iconic Trapizzini – seductive street food based on the best kept secrets of the city’s traditional chefs – and grandmothers!

Plan Ahead: A Vital Visit to Galleria Borghese

Locals know to make an advance booking for the inspirational, XVI century Galleria Borghese, home to one of the world’s most impressive art collections, Highlights include key works by Caravaggio, Bernini, Raphael and Titian. The vast, surrounding, gardens are Rome’s most popular green space. Take a picnic lunch and explore on a two/four people quadracyle. Or go easy, Roman style, on a motorised bike carriage…

Experience the Exceptional at Palazzo Montemartini Rome

Built in 1881, this charismatically individual 82-room hotel is set in the heart of Rome – near the Baths of Diocletian and Santa Maria degli Angeli. Blending alluring design and exceptional service with authentic local flavour - with priceless views of the ancient Servian Wall. And the aspirational, in-house Montemartini SPA by Caschera – where guests can completely unwind before - or after - an unforgettable day in the Eternal City. The Palazzo Montemartini Rome, Radisson Collection offers the ultimate friendly, luxury hotel experience.

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