In and around Riyadh, cultural attractions abound

Discover landmark buildings, heritage sites and vibrant retail destinations. 

An hour’s drive away from The National Museum, Riyadh is a bustling business destination and one of the world’s wealthiest cities. Made up of skyscraper-pierced business districts with upscale shopping strips, the historical district of Al Murabba which includes the King Abdul Aziz Historical Park, the National Museum and the Murabba Palace, and Deira, known for its labyrinth of souks selling spices and jewelry – there is plenty of ground to cover. 

Riyadh is best explored by car, considering the lack of pedestrian walkways and the heat. In addition, many sites will be closed on weekends and during prayer hours and should be checked in advance.

Nearby Attractions

Between gleaming skyscrapers and ancient fortresses, a host of must-see destinations to check off your travel itinerary.

Al Bujairi Heritage Park – 101 km
A popular destination for families on weekends, the Al Bujairi Heritage Park features restaurants and walkways centered around a mosque and an old square.

Al Faisaliah Center – 101 km
Located in Riyadh’s business district, Al Faisaliah Center is a commercial skyscraper 230 meters in height. The oval-shaped building is home to three floors of luxury retail and gourmet dining.

Kingdom Centre – 104 km
One of Riyadh’s major landmarks, the Kingdom Centre rises to a height of 300 meters with its unique Sky Bridge connected the building’s two forked tips. A luxurious mall with unforgettable views.

King Abdullah Park Fountain – 100 km
While away an afternoon or an evening in King Abdullah Park – a huge green space with a stunning fountain show that lights up the park in a bouquet of colors.

The National Museum – 105 km
Learn about Saudi Arabia’s history through a display of antiques, manuscripts and sculptures in what is Saudi Arabia’s most famous museum. All exhibition information is provided in both Arabic and English.

Al Masmak Museum –105 km
Occupying a prominent place in the Kingdom’s history, the 19th-century clay and mud-built Al Masmak Fortress takes you back in time, offering a glimpse into Riyadh’s old quarters with photographs, costumes, maps and weaponry.

5 Intriguing Reasons to Visit Riyadh

Welcome to the exceptional. Step inside the newly opened Nofa Resort Riyadh and discover a sublime oasis, steeped in culture and adventure.

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