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5 Intriguing Reasons to Visit Riyadh

Welcome to the exceptional. Step inside the newly opened Nofa Resort Riyadh and discover a sublime oasis, steeped in culture and adventure. Set in the desert dunes, this iconic Radisson Collection Hotel overlooks the Nofa Wildlife Park, just an hour from the fascinating Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh. 

Unwind in exclusive, African styled villas with private pools in secluded gardens. Enjoy unrivalled dining, facilities and service, intuitively designed to ensure a remarkable stay. With remarkable memories to match. Radisson Collection’s Nofa Resort is truly a world apart. But if you can bear to tear yourself away from this inspirational retreat, here are 5 reasons to visit Riyadh, a city of intriguing contradictions…

Masterpieces of Modern Architecture

The first spectacular super-scraper to pierce the Riyadh skyline was the 44 storey Al Faisaliah Tower. Its most notable features include the vast, 24m diameter glass globe and the fabulous Globe Experience viewing platform. The newer, equally stunning, Kingdom Centre really comes into its own at night, when it blazes with changing coloured lights. A dramatic steel-and-glass bridge connects the two towers. And high-speed lifts fly you - at a hair-raising 180km/h - to the 99th-floor Sky Bridge with its unforgettable views.

Magnificent Malls

Luxury shopping is a very popular pastime in Riyadh - one of the richest cities in the world. Shopping is also also tax-free - so you can find good deals in on an exceptional selection of designer brands. Popular purchases also include Persian rugs, leather goods, handbags and jewellery. You can combine your retail therapy with visiting Riyadh’s iconic towers: the popular Sky Shopping Mall is set in the Al Faisaliah, while the The Kingdom Centre offers a great selection of luxury brands. Spending time in the city, you’ll find the Saudi capital is a unique mix of fabulously futuristic and very conservative - with everything revolving around prayer times. And shop opening hours can be confusing to visitors because most have certain restrictions - so it's best to check before setting off.

Mesmerizing Meals

Eating out is a key part of life in Riyadh. It is entertainment, nourishment and an age-old excuse to get together. The quality is outstanding. And you’ll find an impressive range of elegant, world class restaurants like the Globe in the Al Faisaliah Tower with its spectacular views. Or, if you want to dine Saudi-style, Najd Village serves great kasba (meat with rice) or the Najd-region speciality, hashi (baby camel).  Riyadh is a restaurant lovers’ dream - with Mexican, Japanese, Armenian, Italian and the usual American. Plus, bakeries! THOUSANDS of them: Saudis have a VERY sweet tooth…

Magnetising Markets

While Riyadh’s super stylish malls continue to multiply, there are still a small number of atmospheric traditional souks, including Souq al-Thumairi - most popular with visitors. Remember that in Riyadh markets, haggling is obligatory…

Memorable Museums

The state-of-the-art National Museum is one of the finest in the Middle East. This fabulous modernist building has eight excellent galleries dedicated to Arabian history, culture and art. Look out for beautifully evocative rock carvings, models and a full-scale reconstruction of a Nabataean tomb. Films - with English headphones - add to the experience, along with other exciting virtual and interactive features.
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