Fine dining in Copenhagen

Fine dining in Copenhagen

Four of Copenhagen's finest restaurants were challenged to describe their approach to food using just one word. The wildly different results provide a compelling snapshot of the delectable variety to be found in this Danish city.

Geranium: thoughtfulness

Kristian Brask Thomsen, ambassador of Geranium, explains that “the word that sums up Geranium would be ‘thoughtfulness,’ as it can be tasted in the refinement of Rasmus Kofoed’s menu as it unfolds like a three-hour culinary ballet.”

The magic touch of Chef Kofoed secured the 2011 Bocuse d’Or and has earned Geranium two Michelin stars. His restaurant offers attractive park views from its eighth-floor vantage point in Fælledparken, spanning green-tinted rooftops and windmills in the distance.
The tasting menu is truly a work of art, with previous incarnations including delights such as pear with lemon verbena, charred potatoes with smoked sheep’s milk butter, and dill stones with mackerel, horseradish and pickled cucumber granita.

Kadeau: Bornholm

"Despite being set in the middle of Copenhagen, we at Kadeau find our roots on the small island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea," explain co-owners Nicolai Nørregaard, Magnus Høegh Kofoed and Rasmus Kofoed (of no relation to Geranium's chef).

"Our aim is to portray the wonderful tastes and smells of our beloved island, in a contemporary setting dominated by the herbs, the crockery, the artwork and the ambience of Bornholm." 

The island's wild produce, smokehouses and fishing traditions are evident throughout Kadeau, one of the shining stars of the New Nordic dining scene. The restaurant pays homage to Norway's natural bounty with freshly caught langoustines, mussels and lobster, hand-churned butter, and island-foraged ingredients including lichen, woodruff, salsify and lovage used as seasoning.

formel B: freedom

Opened in 2003 by Kristian Arpe–Møller and Rune Amgild Jochumsen when they were just 22 and 23 respectively, formel B has grown to become a powerhouse of Copenhagen's fine dining scene. Manager Pernille Folkersen explains why the concept of freedom is so crucial to its success: "The restaurant is set up to deliver innovative yet simple foods, without the pretentiousness that some fine dining restaurants are trapped in.”
This means that diners can pick and choose four to six options from an à la carte menu of about 20 small dishes. Memorable summertime creations include Baerii caviar with sweet peas and croutons, and langoustines à la nage with carrot purée, but the menu changes seasonally to give the kitchen full freedom of expression.

Café Royal: design

Radisson Collection Hotel, Royal Copenhagen's Café Royal offers fine dining experiences inspired by Arne Jacobsen design's. Enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner in stylish surroundings. Their legendary Afternoon Tea is served every day from 13 pm to 16 pm and offers a decadent tasting experience. Be sure to also try one of the mouth-watering dishes prepared in the famous Josper Grill. Remember to book!
Design just became delicious at the Radisson Collection Hotel, Royal Copenhagen!
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