The Round Tower

The Round Tower

Catch a glimpse of history at The Round Tower, part observatory, part church and part library.

The tower, known as Rundetårn, was commissioned in 1637 by King Christian IV to continue the work started by Astronomer Tycho Brahe. Today, this structure is one of the most recognizable buildings in the city, renowned for its distinct architecture and expansive views.

Enjoy panoramic views

Opened in 1642, the Round Tower is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe, attracting visitors and amateur astronomers from all over the world. Inside you can see some distinctive features including the impressive 209-meter Spiral Ramp. This unique piece of architecture winds seven and a half times around the tower's hollow core and forms the only connection between the different parts of the complex. Although the tower is only 36 meters tall, you will have to walk a total of 209 meters before you reach the top. The climb is certainly worth it, offering views across the rooftops of the Danish capital.

More than just an observatory

Built as part of the Trinitatis Complex, the roof of the tower serves as a panoramic observatory where visitors can see the best of traditional and modern architecture in Copenhagen, with a bird's eye view. There is also now a floating floor, which allows you to see the core of the tower by walking over it on a glass floor.

The building also boasts a gallery space and intimate concert venue in its Library Hall. If you are traveling as a group and want to get a better idea of the function and history of the observatory and structure, then book a guided tour. On the tour, you will see the observatory’s small collection of astronomical instruments that are not on display for the general public.

The Round Tower is located in the city center, just a short walk from the Radisson Collection Hotel, Royal Copenhagen and other popular local attractions like the Copenhagen Opera House.

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