Visit Carlsberg

Visit the Carslberg brewery

Visit Carlsberg is the number one destination in Copenhagen for any beer fan. 

One of the largest and most recognizable beer brands in the world has opened the doors of its first brewery site and has fast become one of the city’s leading visitor attractions. At the visitor center, you will be taken on a journey through the historical timeline of the Carlsberg story. Along the way you will visit the old brewery, the stables, sculpture garden, beer bottle collection and brand store, as well as the Jacobsen Brew House and Bar.

The experience

This interactive tour tells the Carlsberg story from its inception in 1847 when J.C. Jacobsen founded his brewery. On this self-guided tour, you will learn how one man and his brewery became a leading brand in this competitive global industry. Along the way, you will discover the ancient methods of brewing and its developments over the years, as well as the pioneering techniques used today. Your senses will be put to good use as you see, smell and taste how beer is made. You will also learn about the cultural impact this brand has on Denmark to this day.

J.C. Jacobsen Brewery

Step into the historic brewing house at neighboring J.C. Jacobsen and learn about production, ingredients, methods and bottlings. You can follow the authentic process and see the copper stills, and smell that unmistakable, heart-warming aroma of beer under production. You will be amazed how water, yeast, barley and malt can create such satisfying flavors. In the brew house, you will also learn about science and technology and the development of this delicious amber nectar over time.

The world’s largest beer bottle collection

Your eyes will light up as you enter the display of the world’s largest beer bottle collection, as confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records in 2007. What started out as a personal collection in 1968, grew over the years and reached 10,000 bottles. At this point, the collector, Mr. Leif Sonne, realized his vast collection required a new home. It was then moved to its current place at the brewery in 1993. Today, the collection stands at over 22,500 bottles, of which over 16,000 are on display. You will recognize well-known and forgotten beers from all over the globe. They are sorted by geographical regions, each one broken down into brewery name and brand. This is something that has to be seen to be believed.

The stables and sculpture garden

Horses have played an important role in the Carlsberg story since its beginnings and you will see them around the attraction. In the early days, it was the best way to transport beer into central Copenhagen. These furry ambassadors love cuddles and you are welcome to chat with the carriage drivers whilst they saddle up and groom the horses. You can also purchase a ticket for a carriage tour.

The brewery promotes science, innovation and art, which can be seen as you walk around the sculpture garden and view part of the collection. It includes a miniature statue of the city’s famous Little Mermaid.

Food and beer tasting

Complete your experience at Visit Carlsberg with a tasting of two beers, or soft drinks, which are included in your ticket price. Combine this with lunch in the restaurant or summer garden. Here they take pride in creating beer-inspired food and using seasonal produce, so staff will assist you with pairing food with the right beers. An additional tasting ticket will allow you to sample four beers whilst gaining further insight into the process and flavors.

Brand store

By the end of your visit, you will certainly be feeling passionate about the brand, so what better way is there to celebrate that than to pick up some branded merchandise, whether it is a gift or a souvenir for yourself. The store offers a stylish range of produce from t-shirts, bottle openers, beers and glassware, as well as other fun and quirky products.

Events and team building

If you are in Copenhagen on business and attending an event at the brewery, you are guaranteed an experience to remember. Those looking to organize a team-building event or impress clients should look no further. Book a group guided tour and your dedicated guide will take you on a personalized journey around the facilities. There are several tour options so you can choose the one that best suits your group. Why not finish the day with a banquet dinner in the brew house or museum? If you are looking for a special meeting or conference venue in a unique setting, you have found it.

Fascinating architecture

Put your beer down for a moment and be sure to take in the magnificent architecture of the buildings. Some of which date back to the 1800’s, each one with its own story to tell. Ever wondered why Carlsberg is known as the ‘elephant beer’? One of the architectural highlights includes the Elephant gate and tower. It takes its name from the four life size elephant statues, carved from granite, that guard the tower on the Valby entrance to the brewery. These elephants featured on early bottle labels when the brew was first exported, hence its name. As a result of this, a stronger Elephant Beer pilsner was created at 7.2% abv.

Set aside several hours for your visit, so that you do not have to rush through the experience. There are various ticket options available at Visit Carlsberg that are worth researching to find the right combination for you. Booking online may save you money and will allow you to avoid queueing on arrival. During the summer, a shuttle bus runs from outside the Radisson Collection Hotel, Royal Copenhagen and will take you to and from the attraction.

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