Walker Slater

Walker Slater: elevating the traditional

Focussing on tweed in all its forms, Walker Slater sets the benchmark for timeless modernity. In their flagship store on Victoria Street, Walker Slater combines historical gravitas with contemporary design and style. Using every pattern imaginable, the store’s designers elevate the everyday sophistication of tweed, forging a new space for the fabric’s relevance in the 21st century.

Walker Slater breaks away from antiquity through a desire to constantly modify and update. By relentlessly refreshing their design, Walker Slater maintains relevance in a world of continuously changing consumer demands and trends.

Running through every cut, stitch and style is an ethos of “Careless Elegance”. For Walker Slater, this translates into designing outfits that are uncontrived and natural. Outfits that are as diverse in their use as they are in colour and texture. Combining this with an unwavering attention to detail means every product is bold, versatile and unquestionably unique.

Walker Slater favours local. Whether creating suits or skirts, within every piece is a true sense of native Scottish culture. Lines and items can be inspired by the Scottish Highlands, created through the collaboration with local craft specialists or fabricated around a selection of specific Scottish cloths. No matter where or how creativity strikes, at its core is a celebration of the beauty found right on their doorstep.

Above all else, this appreciation of locality is why the Royal Mile partnered with Walker Slater to design and create our staff’s uniforms. Crafting every outfit with the same care and reflection of local surroundings allows us to deliver a truly authentic experience, engaging our guests on a personal level with the people and environment around us.

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