‘A Wee Dram Of Whisky’: Our Guide To Edinburgh’s Finest Scotch Experiences

Among the many great things for which Scotland is famous, Whisky has to be one of the most widely savoured. Derived from the Gaelic ‘uisge beatha’ – meaning ‘water of life’ – the traditional drink continues to appeal to connoisseurs and beginners alike.

Edinburgh boasts an abundance of quaint establishments and artisan distilleries to discover – all of which offer visitors a memorable tasting experience.

The Scotch Whisky Experience has a rare and remarkable collection of over 3,000 bottles – undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive in the world. A multitude of tours and tastings are available to suit the casual connoisseur, while enthusiasts can participate in the ever-popular training school and create their own unique blend.

The Whiski Rooms offers an introduction to tasting, with additional – less conventional – sampling options, for those adventurous enough to pair whisky with chocolate or cheese. Commanding enchanting views from a location on The Mound, the bar and its adjoining restaurant (which serves up a selection of traditional and whisky-infused delicacies) offer the perfect setting to savour Edinburgh’s most iconic delights.

Just off the bustling Royal Mile, hidden away along Byre’s Close, is The Devil’s Advocate restaurant and bar. Easy to miss, it’s not surprising the ambiance is enjoyed as though it were a well-kept secret – but the crowd is ever keen and buoyant. The building, an old Victorian pump house, is overrun with character. Knowledgeable staff will guide drinkers through the 200-strong whisky offer, while experienced chefs prepare seasonal delights from Scotland’s rich larder.
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