A Culture Of Celebration

From New Year’s Day through to Liberation Day, Kuwait City offers opportunities aplenty to partake and rejoice in a vibrant calendar of celebrations.



Kuwaitis usher in the New Year with considerable enthusiasm and flair. And an evening of midnight gatherings, sumptuous meals and firework displays reflected across the bay ensures an unforgettable experience.

Hot on its heels, February is saturated with an impressive roster of events, from the celebration of springtime at the Hala Festival, to National Day and Liberation Day – both marking important milestones in Kuwaiti history. Street parades, parties, cultural events and even annual sales infuse the city with a palpable energy, and a sense of anticipation that’s contagious.

Towards the end of the year, the religious holidays of Eid el-Fitr, Eid el-Adha and Islamic New Year bring about a renewed wave of festivities. Imbuing the city with new optimism, this family-centric season is the perfect time to visit with loved ones and experience Kuwait City’s enchanting sense of community.
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