The City’s Most Elegant Refreshments

Kuwait City offers some chic spots for cakes and light refreshments – providing a welcome retreat from the heat, and respite from the many miles traveled on foot in the city’s luxury malls. Here’s our recommendation for three of the best.

Fauchon is a luxury food company founded in Paris in 1880. Today, the brand is a ‘leading force in contemporary French culinary culture’ – offering its signature cakes and pastries, teas and confectionery in its food stores and cafes. It is distinctive for its contemporary styling and vibrant feel.

Avenues Mall
Another iconic French bakery, Ladurée was founded in 1871 by Louis Ernest Ladurée – combining the stylish ambiance of a Parisian café with the exquisite delicacies of French patisserie. Today the brand has luxurious cafes across the world and is renowned for its beautiful and colorful packaging.

With its playful name, Posh Café aims to provide sophisticated meals, cakes and refreshments that use only the finest ingredients. The café environment is chic, simple and contemporary – making it the perfect place to stop off and enjoy an hour’s relaxation, whilst shopping of course.
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