Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers – a peerless vantage point

In the Sharq District of downtown Kuwait City lies one of the country’s most visually arresting landmarks – the Kuwait Towers. With its panoramic vistas and striking modern design, this group of symbolic towers has won iconic architectural status globally.

Built in 1979, these prominent structures stand as a symbol of Kuwait’s global prosperity and importance. At the core of their design is a balance between modernity and tradition, with the ‘rocket and globe’ form representing the intertwined nature of two fundamental ideals: humanity and technology. Whilst the 41,000 green, blue and grey discs across every sphere evoke the spirit of the country’s traditional mosques and minarets.

For visitors, the main source of discovery lies within the 187m high main tower and its two spheres. For those seeking a unique gastronomic experience then the 90-person restaurant located within the lower sphere is a must visit. However, for the more daring, the upper sphere awaits. At a height of 123m, a rotating viewing platform provides a unique opportunity to discover the city and its surrounds in 360 degrees. From its prime position on the Bay of Kuwait’s most prominent headland, unrestricted views of the landscape unfold in effortless as you turn – transporting visitors from the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf to the dynamic and ever-changing skyline of the city itself.
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