Symphony Style Hotel Kuwait holds the key to green future

A program that encourages team members and guests alike to help save natural resources

Caring for the guests in your hotel is one thing. Caring for your guests and the environment is something completely different.
Symphony Style Hotel Kuwait is doing just that with its Green Key initiative. Staffs at the hotel, led by General Manager Peter Schuler, are eager to protect the environment and preserve natural resources.
As part of its responsible business strategy, the hotel has adopted environmentally friendly and sustainable methods of operation, with the aim of saving the earth’s resources, while also raising awareness among guests.
“At Symphony Style Hotel Kuwait we care about our guests and their experience, but we also believe that it is our responsibility to look after and protect the environment,” said Peter Schuler, Symphony Style Hotel Kuwait General Manager.
“We can all do our bit to save the earth’s resources. Making people aware of how their daily actions affect our planet is just the start.”
As part of the Green Key program, the hotel encourages guests to place the ‘Go Green’ card on their pillow upon leaving their room. In doing so, guests accept that their towels and linen will be refreshed after the third night of their stay.
Other ways in which guests can help include: removing the key card from the electrical socket upon leaving the room, turning off their AC and opening the windows to save energy and turning the tap off when shaving or brushing teeth in an effort to save water, while also using the sustainable flush where possible.
Did You Know?
  • 97% of the earth’s water is found in oceans. Only 3% is drinkable
  • Flow restrictions on showerheads and taps can reduce consumption by 50% without impacting on comfort
  • Participation in the ‘Go Green’ towel and linen program will help reduce water and chemical use considerably

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